"As a bike geek and electrical engineer, I am regularly asked for recommendations on bike lights. I have found CycleBeam's company and products to be high quality, high value and to be reliable. When I contacted CycleBeam, they were responsive to both my product and sponsorship requests. They stand behind their products and support cycling."

"I personally like the 930 flashlight on my handlebars and the Proton 700 on my helmet but the BlinkRim 900 on the handlebars is an excellent solution as well. You can't beat their prices and ability to deliver product and parts overnight in the USA."
-- Jim Simons

Please use the links below to express your thanks to our sponsor for helping support our grooming efforts in the valley.


930Z -- 930 Lumen Bike Light with Universal Mount and USB Charging Kit
930Z Bike Light

Proton-700 Helmet Light Small Size Light Weight Bike Light
Proton 700 Helmet Light

BlinkRim-900 Lumen Bike Headlight with Warning Blink Rim
BlinkRim-900 Bike Light

Replacement Battery Pack for BlinkRim-900
BlinkRim-900 Battery Pack

One Piece of 18650 Replacement Battery for 930Z-1
18650 Replacement Battery for 930Z-1

930Z-1 Replacement Mount
930Z-1 Replacement Mount